About the game Tsum cheats

Tsum Tsum is a mobile video game available for iPhone and Android devices through their particular application shops. It began in Japan and the video game is tied to a Japanese social media network called LINE. A “Tsum” in the game is a little character symbol. Tsums of various personalities drop from the top of the screen and fill up the play location. You clear them by swiping your finger across Tsums of the same character that is beside each various other to link them.


Hearts are your “lives” for the game. In order to play a video game you must contend least one heart. You immediately get one heart every 15 minutes as much as a maximum of 5. Buddies could send you hearts when you level it will max out your hearts. You can additionally trade rubies for hearts. Hearts you get from close friends and from rubies do not have an optimum; nevertheless, if you have more than 5 you will not get any more hearts instantly or from leveling.

Bonus offer Things

The majority of them possibly typically aren’t the best selection when you are first starting; nevertheless, as you obtain more and more powerful Tsums they can substantially boost your score/EXP/money. You enter Fever after you have gotten rid of a certain number of Tsums and lasts 10 sec. whilst in High temperature setting there is no time limitation attached to the “Combo” benefit attained when getting rid of Tsums in fast succession.


Every day at twelve o’clock at night Japanese time 11am EDT you will obtain a day-to-day goal. These objectives appear to be random and Free Coins include points like “Send X Hearts”, “Clear X Tsums”, or “Obtain X Coins”. Prior to you start each game you are offered the alternative of acquiring Benefit Products for that video game. These will offer various advantages; nevertheless, they just last one video game and are pretty pricey.

About the game Tsum cheats

Magic Bubbles

Whenever you get rid of a chain of 7 or even more Tsums or a character’s power clears 7 or more Tsums a magic bubble will appear. You click it to stand out the bubble and it will remove all the Tsums that surround it. Additionally, there are a number of sorts of bubbles and they have different fringe benefits. And check this website