Healthy digestion helps the people to get abetterframe of mind and weight management. In today’sworld, most of the people are affected by these digestive diseases. This is due to improper diet and high-stress life style. This will reduce the physical activities of the people so that they become lazy and weight gain accordingly. By digestive disease, theweight will increase, and they cannot maintain their physic. Forthis, there are some food items which will help with your constipation disease.

Food to help with constipation:

Ripe bananas:

This ripe banana is helpful in fighting with constipation. If you consume ripened or green banana will cause constipation due to thepresence of heavy starch content. Banana considered as slow ease is moving through intestines.


It is tart tropical and sweet fruit which helps to improve the improper issue of constipation. If the people take two kiwi fruit per day, they will not sufferfrom this problem. Thereis 2 gram of fiber that composed of both the soluble and insoluble in forms.

Wheat Bran:

There are 6.2 grams of fiberand only 31 calories present in a quarter cup of the wheat bran. AtAmerican journal of clinical nutrition found that people who supplement with 12 grams of wheat bran fiber per day had increased stool bulk and also it takes less time for their bowling movements. Try to add some cereal in themorning that makes you better in digestive disease.


A long standing home remedy is eating prunes which are the food help with constipation. Not only fiber is present in prunes, but it also provided with fermentable sugar, orbital and it helps for digestive disease quickly.

Flax seeds:

It has high magnesium and has alaxative effect so that it draws water into the stools for making them easier and softer to pass through the intestine.

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