DragonVale Cheats

DragonVale CheatsHow you can break out treasures.


Authorize out of video game facility prior to getting in Dragon Vale. Go back to video game facility, an indication in, and also click on your degree once you go back to the video game.

If you do not link your Twitter account, the video game will certainly ask if you intend to share the video game on the solution. Strike terminate yet seek a check mark alongside the Twitter switch. You must still obtain one cost-free treasure in spite of not linking a Twitter account.

Log right into a brand-new Game Center ID when your initial account has actually gotten to degree 20. Reach degree 10 on your brand-new account and afterward place the good friend code of your initial account. Currently you could send out treasures to the initial account.

If you touch acquisition on 3 different gadgets in fast sequence when you purchase a reproducing cavern on a brand-new Game Center account, you could obtain 3 at the same time ideal alongside each various other.

When you begin a free gems for Dragonvale, take a look at the one closest to the group. Currently fast the race as well as pick that specific dragon or one with comparable components. Currently your dragon will certainly win the race.

At the beginning of race, wait for the countdown numbers (3, 2, 1) to disappear. The immediate the last number goes away, touch the accelerator for a great increase that allows you begin the race in advance of the various other dragons.

DragonVale CheatsNew upgrade blossom dragon.

It is planted chilly and also lightning kind; type this with a pan long dragon to elevate your possibilities of obtaining a rainbow or jump year dragon.

plant as well as a tornado – could bring out blossom dragon.

lichen and also lightning – may release blossom dragon.

Obtaining treasures with your dragons and also eggs.

Babysitting your dragons is a method to gain you some cash money that you could then utilize to buy bacteria. You could likewise put your dragons for sale so regarding gain treasures from them specifically when they are of the rarer types such as the rainbow dragon.